Travel Insurance: Gras Savoye Egypt

Gras Savoye Conseil was registered as an insurance consultant in 2001 by the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority (EISA). In March 2009, Gras Savoye obtained the license to operate as an insurance broker under the name of Gras Savoye Egypte (Licence n° 2 in the register of insurance brokers). As of June 2009, the company operated under the name of Gras Savoye Egypte (Insurance brokers).

Gras Savoye Egypt's mission is to provide clients in Egypt the world class technical capabilities of insurance services of the Gras Savoye Willis partnership, the third network of insurance brokers in the world.

Gras Savoye S.A.E. is a subsidiary of Gras Savoye S.A., the first insurance broker in France with a turnover of around 550 millions Euros in 2009 and with over 3,500 employees. Gras Savoye Group is a Willis partner and together operates in more than 110 countries.

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